Hiring a park or public open space

Hiring a park or open space

Before you apply

Before completing an application to hold an event in Southwark, there are a few steps we recommend you take:

  • ensure that you're making your application in good time; for events with 500 people or less at any time, applications must be made no later than four weeks prior to the event date - all larger events require a minimum of 26 weeks notice
  • read through the advice on this website about planning an event, including Locations information and Southwark's outdoor events policy with which all events in the borough are expected to comply
  • work out what fees you are likely to have to pay for all of your licences and permits; events organised by local community groups and charities get an automatic 50% discount applied to the hire fee
  • if you're organising an event, and can demonstrate that it will have a significant benefit to local people and communities, whilst also minimising the negative impact of the event on the same, a discretionary discount may be applied to your hire fee
  • once you know where and when you intend to hold your event contact the events team to check that the space you wish to use is available on the date you want
  • it's important to understand that submitting an application does not mean you have booked the space; your application may need to go through a period of consultation before a decision is made
  • for larger events it can be helpful for you to submit a proposal to the events team so the ideas can be discussed before your full application is completed; an initial meeting with the event locations officer may be possible
  • once you have permission to use the venue there are still lots of things to do so make sure you understand what will be asked of you

Hiring an indoor venue

One of the first things you'll need to do when planning an event is hire a venue. This is true whether you are using an indoor or an outdoor space.

Community Southwark (CAS) lists a range of available community halls and venues in the borough for multiple uses, from office space, events, workshops to meetings and seminars.

Contact us

E: events@southwark.gov.uk
T: 020 7525 2000

Page last updated: 12 April 2018