Kingswood House

Kingswood House refurbishment

In 1980 Southwark Council began a programme of modernising and refurbishing the upper floors of Kingswood House. A fine suite named after Charles, HRH The Prince of Wales, was formed on the second floor.

In what is now the main entrance hall and staircase, and in the corridors, the colourful late Victorian tapestries have been renovated at least twice and are in an excellent state of preservation. The originals are still on view on the ground floor, the others have been covered by modern replacements.

Major refurbishment on all floors was undertaken from 1997 to 1998, taking care to preserve the fabric of the house where furnishings were replaced or equipment updated.

Friends of the house

July 1998 saw the meeting of friends of Kingswood House, which was established to explore ways and means of preserving this excellent example of a late Victorian family mansion, whilst ensuring that it continues to provide useful facilities for the local community.

Kingswood House today

Since its early days as a community centre the house has fulfilled the hopes of the council and local residents.

The house is also regularly used for meetings, seminars and small conferences.

Filming for BBC period dramas also took place at Kingswood in 1998, with more of the same to come.

Page last updated: 16 December 2020

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