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Working with children and young people

Working with children and young people

If you plan to work with young people, make sure you contact the right people. There are various project based activities that cater to young people, as well as service providers who can all increase your reach when working with young people.


It is essential for any organisation, company, group or artist working with young people to have the necessary safeguarding policies and procedures in place before any youth focused activity takes place.

Creative youth projects and centres

Engaging with youth centres and those providing projects for young people is a great way reach groups of young people, if you are starting from scratch.

Southwark youth services

Southwark youth services provide various ways of communicating with young people and their families. 

Working with schools

Here are some essential links to begin your work with schools; from connecting with those already engaged; knowing the schools in the area, and how what you are providing meets the educational needs of pupils. 

Page last updated: 28 October 2019

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