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Hatch Learns: How to avoid burnout as a founder

article thumb - Hatch Learns: How to avoid burnout as a Founder

Hatch Learns: How to avoid burnout as a Founder


Join our workshop to learn techniques and practises to help you better manage your time and wellbeing to avoid burnout.

Date & time

Date:12 July 2022

Time:12pm to 1pm

Event Details




As a Founder, you're often juggling multiple roles within your business and this can sometimes lead to burnout. In this interactive workshop, expert Kei Maye will be helping you understand what burnout looks like for you and teaching you some practices that will help you better manage your workload and avoid burnout.

You will learn:

- What are some signs of burnout
- How can constant burnouts affect your business and wellbeing
- Tips on how to reduce your workload
- How to automate tasks and how this will help
- How to create a plan to help better manage your workload

Who is this event for:

- Founders who need help balancing their workload
- Founders who find themselves burnt out quite often
- Founders who want to learn how to reduce their workload
- Aspiring Founders who want to implement practices to avoid burnout from the start


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