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Get Started with Touch-Typing for Dyslexia

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Get Started with Touch-Typing for Dyslexia


The touch-typing course is designed for children with dyslexia in Year 5 and 6 and will consist of four days of tuition at Bell House from Monday 25th to Thursday 28th October from 1.30 – 3.00pm.

Date & time

Date:25 October 2021

Time:1.30pm to 3pm

Event Details



Students who attend the course will take away a special keyboard to keep practising on as well as continued access to the online software used. Students are encouraged to continue developing their speed and accuracy beyond the course, which is monitored by the teachers. The group meets up again together with their parents a month later, to celebrate progress and compare their handwriting speed with their touch-typing speed.

The course will be led by Suzanne Jessel, a qualified and BDA registered dyslexia teacher and assessor with years of experience as a class teacher and as a SENCO. The sessions will be fun and interactive, focused on showing pupils how they can use this new skill to improve their schoolwork, thereby motivating them to learn this vital skill.


The 4-day course costs £125 (including keyboard and software license). Bursary places are available, please email for more details. Once paid we offer no refunds.

On booking we will email for further details about your child’s dyslexia, their age etc. Please note that this course is only for those with Dyslexia and who are in Year 5 or 6. We do not take children from other year groups or those with other special needs.

Before booking please be aware that the intention is that the students continue their touch-typing practice beyond the course so that they become proficient typists. This cannot be achieved in one week. It requires regular and prolonged practice.

Who is this for?

This course is for pupils with dyslexia, as they will benefit most from this multi-sensory style of teaching. To ensure this course is targeted as effectively as possible, it will be open only to students in Year 5 and 6.

What to bring?

● Laptop with a USB port and ability to connect to wireless internet (if you do not have a laptop please let us know)

● Headphones

● Water bottle

Why Touch-typing?

Touch-typing can be hugely beneficial for a child with dyslexia and getting used to using a computer early on can be very empowering. If a child is confident touch-typing on a computer early on in their school life, they are much more likely to be allowed to use a laptop for their exams later on at school.

According to the British Dyslexia Association, ‘some dyslexic students find typing easier than handwriting, as the tactile element of pressing the keyboard can help with managing difficult words.’ On a computer it is easy to correct mistakes, move words around and it is non-judgmental, giving children greater confidence.

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