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Swifts in the City

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Swifts in the City

Date & time

Date:7 July 2021

Time:6.30pm to 7.30pm

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Swifts are supremely aerial birds. They travel from Africa to breed during the summer months, and have been sharing our buildings with us since Roman times. But swifts, like many migrating birds, are disappearing. From 1995, British swifts have declined by more than half.

Find more about the national campaign to save the swifts here:

About Steven Robinson

Swifts are my favourite birds. I love their wildness and energy, and the life they bring to cities, as they whizz around rooftops on hot summer’s days.

I have been involved in Swift Conservation for fourteen years and since 2016, have had birds nest at my house. I am also interested in urban greening, especially biodiverse roofs and making parks wilder. On a bigger scale, I enjoy visiting wild places in Europe and Africa to watch wildlife.

Steven also helped Bell House with building swift boxes in the garden! We have seven boxes which we hope will attract swifts to Bell House.


For this event, we encourage that you leave a donation of £5. Donations will be shared between Bell House and the Painted Wolf Foundation, a charity which raises awareness about and supports the conservation of painted wolves, a threatened and ignored species in Africa.

More information here:

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