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Film of the Week - Bermondsey Wall: a Time and Talents film (1932)

article thumb - Scene from Bermondsey Wall, 1932

Scene from Bermondsey Wall, 1932


A wonderfully nostalgic film showing some scenes of everyday life in Bermondsey and activities organised by the charity, Time and Talents.

Date & time

Date:3 May 2021 to 16 May 2021

Time:9am to 11.30pm

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The charity Time and Talents is still going today and was established in 1887 by women who wanted to help the people in their community by using their ‘Time and Talents’.
In the film we see a hive of activity along the Thames, especially around the docks and wharves and Tower Bridge is shown opening up. Also featured are streets like Sard’s Rents and the hustle and bustle of “the Blue”. In a time before electronic gadgets, fun could be had in the ‘playing fields of Bermondsey’ and in this film we see the children finding fun among the docks and wharves, only to be chased off by the local dockers! The Time and Talents children are shown dancing, reading in the library and learning how to wash and hang clothes! The camping activities of the Boys’ Scouts includes fetching pails of water, outdoor cooking and playing around the tents in their pyjamas after lights out (much to the dismay of their scout leader!).
Approx. 11 ½ mins duration (silent), ©London Metropolitan Archives

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