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Film of the Week - St Olave's on Horselydown

article thumb - St Olaves on Horselydown

St Olaves on Horselydown


Seeing as it's half term for some, this week’s film is about St Olave’s Grammar School for boys which once stood on Queen Elizabeth Street, near the approach to Tower Bridge.

Date & time

Date:16 February 2021 to 28 February 2021

Time:9am to 11.30pm

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The film gives a snapshot of life at the school beginning with the school assembly including hymn singing and bible reading. Everyday activity is recorded through a variety of lessons. We see a rat dissection in the biology class and children familiarising themselves with “ground level” activity by doing craftwork classes! Other scenes include the 400th anniversary service of the award of the school’s charter and a carol concert for the “solid” folk of Bermondsey.
A Group 3 Production, 41 mins 42 secs.

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