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Film of the Week - Southwark's Pride

article thumb - Screenshots from Southwark's Pride

Screenshots from Southwark's Pride


A film that looks at the developments made by Southwark Council to Surrey Docks after its cargo handling business moved to Tilbury Docks and their struggle to continue against pressure from the Government for the LDDC to continue re-development.

Date & time

Date:4 January 2021 to 17 January 2021

Time:9am to 11.30pm

Event Details


Surrey Docks is where the Thames embraces Bermondsey and Rotherhithe and for two centuries it was a thriving part of London. But when general cargo handling gave way to containers business moved downstream to Tilbury, and Surrey Docks were closed. Southwark Council acquired a lot of the land in 70s, prepared the site and started building, but in 1981 the government decided it would be better if a development corporation carried on with the work. The borough disputes this and the film looks at what Southwark has achieved in the area so far.
This film was made by Southwark council’s Public Relations Group in April 1981 and is presented by Brian Redhead (who was the host of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme). The council argues that it should continue to be responsible for developing the area, and that Southwark should be acknowledged for what had already been achieved in changing the Surrey Docks area.

Watch here

19 ½ mins, Produced by Worldwide Pictures for Southwark Council. c.1981

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