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article thumb - Shemza Digital

Shemza Digital

Summary is a new interactive online artwork by Aphra Shemza and Stuart Batchelor

Date & time

Date:23 November 2020 to 23 January 2021

Event Details

Address:Greater London


Open hours:24hrs/24hrs


In 1962, Anwar Shemza created the painting ‘One to Nine and One to Seven,’ inscribed in Urdu was the quote above. In Aphra Shemza & Stuart Batchelor use this as a starting point to continue Shemza’s exploration. By creating a new online and interactive artwork, they ask the public to join them on this journey creating art that is free & accessible to all.

Participant’s contributions are stored in an online archive and will be turned into generative light art installations in the future. is supported by Arts Council England.

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