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Southwark Stands Together Digital Patchwork Quilt

article thumb - Digital patchwork quilt

Digital patchwork quilt


Celebrate Black History Month and contribute by creating a digital square for the Southwark Stands Together Digital Quilt.

Date & time

Date:1 October 2020 to 30 November 2020

Time:9am to 5pm

Event Details



Global outrage at the atrocious killing of George Floyd sparked the Black Lives Matter movement and generated conversations about the need for change and an end to racism and inequality. We are working with our communities to make sure we do everything possible to add to this work. And through our new Southwark Stands Together initiative, we seek to bring people together, listen, learn and act.

Our digital patchwork quilt project is inspired by Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist and freedom fighter; whose brave and noble work liberated many fellow slaves by means of an underground railroad – a network of secret routes and safe houses. An accompanying story that tells of coded ‘Freedom Quilts’, that helped enslaved people to navigate these railroads. Although unverified, we like the idea that creativity and imagination may have helped Harriet and the people she freed.  

To mark Black History Month 2020, we are launching Southwark’s  very own digital patchwork quilt,. We ask that you join us, so that together we can create a giant digital patchwork quilt.

A square at a time we will build a quilt that symbolises togetherness, peace, equality and justice. Families and friends can create a patch together, or you can send in your own. Your square can be created and then photographed, or  produced digitally.

The finished digital quilt will be available to see online, at libraries and in chosen venues across Southwark.

Send your digital square to:

Closing date: Friday 30 October 2020 (we must have your digital square by this date)


• Create your own design
• Use any format i.e. power point, publisher, Photoshop, Word, etc. or create physically and photograph
• Make a square digital patch
• Try and use these image parameters: A minimum of 1200 pixels wide, jpg or png image format and a maximum size of 10MB
• Use your own photos (you must have permission from the photographer, if anyone else's photo is used)


• Use offensive language
• Use offensive images
• Breach copyright laws

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