Reporting flooding from public sewers, pipes and drains

Flooding from public sewers

Thames Water owns and manages the network of public foul and surface water sewers. The majority of public sewers are located in highways.

If you'd like to view the sewer maps, contact us on 020 7525 2000.

If you see a leak from a pipe in the road or footpath, call Thames Water on 0800 714 614.

Flooding from a burst water main

Thames Water is responsible for their supply up to and including the water stopcock. 

If you have a problem to report, call Thames Water on 0800 714 614.

Flooding from the public highway

We're making significant investments in the gullies repair programme to ensure they're all fully functional.

To report flooding from the public highway or blocked road gullies or gratings, contact us on 020 7525 2000 or fill in a street surface repair request.

Page last updated: 23 September 2022

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