Notice of Proposed Flood Alleviation Works on Peckham Rye Common

Southwark Council has applied to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for consent under Greater London Parks and Open Spaces Order 1967: Article 12 to carry out restricted works on Peckham Rye Common. The Planning Inspectorate will decide the application on behalf of the Secretary of State.

The scheme is aimed at environmental improvement and flood prevention. There are four main elements to the scheme:

  1. The implementation of below surface drains to improve everyday drainage of the common, making it more usable.
  2. A grassed bund designed to hold excess surface water during a storm event to prevent large volumes of storm water entering the sewer network and causing flooding.
  3. The strip of derelict land on East Dulwich Road, commonly known as the Donkey Ride will be re-developed under the council's cleaner, greener and safer initiative.
  4. The area just north of East Dulwich Road known as the Northern Triangle will be re-landscaped with new planting to increase accessibility and connection with the rest of the Common, while using seasonal planting to celebrate the Lost River Peck. 

Of these, only the flood alleviation bunds are subject to consent under Article 12. The northern bund which has a slope of 1:3 at the steepest points will have some, albeit minimal, impact on the common access; however, this will be mitigated by providing a DDA compliant access around the bund, with a slope of 1:25. Moreover, a slope of 1:3 is very gentle and therefore the impact on visibility will be minimal. The southern bund also has a gentle slope of 1:3 and is sited to minimise impact on visibility and accessibility. Proposed works in the Northern Triangle and Donkey Ride will have a positive environmental impact on the common.

The proposed works are approximately 6000m2 in total, with about 600m of temporary fencing surrounding the site during the construction phase to keep common users safe. The rest of Peckham Rye Common and the Park will be accessible during the works. The site area can be seen in the attached map.

Due to Government advice in respect of Coronavirus (COVID-19), a copy of the application will not be left in a public area for viewing. However, a copy of the application form and accompanying documents can be obtained by download, email or by calling on 020 7525 5000.

The application form and documents will be available until 16 November 2020.

In view of the pandemic, any representations should, where possible, be sent only by email on or before 16 November 2020 to

Representations sent to The Planning Inspectorate cannot be treated as confidential. They will be copied to the applicant and possibly to other interested parties. For information about how The Planning Inspectorate processes personal information please see the Common Land Privacy Policy.


Page last updated: 21 October 2020

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