Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

In line with the Flood Risk Regulations 2009, we're now a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) and help manage local flood risk from surface water, groundwater and ordinary water courses. The Southwark Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (the strategy) was developed to ensure that flooding risks are well managed in a coordinated way to balance the needs of communities, the economy and the environment.

After consultations consistent with our statement of community involvement, we officially adopted the strategy on 18 August 2015 after a decision by the Cabinet Member for Environment and the Public Realm. 

Key objectives

The strategy was designed to:

  • ensure a clear understanding of local flood risks, so that investment in risk management can be prioritised and implemented most effectively
  • develop and maintain a community and partnership based engagement in the management of flood risk and encourage beneficiaries to invest in the management of risk where possible
  • set out clear and consistent plans for risk management so that communities and businesses can make informed decisions about managing residual risks
  • encourage innovative management of flood risk, taking account of the needs of communities and the environment
  • promote sustainable measures to reduce flood risk and provide multiple benefits to local communities
  • develop links between the local flood risk management strategy and local spatial planning
  • increase environmental protection and integrate considerations into the preparation and implementation of policies and programmes that promote sustainable development
  • ensure that emergency plans and responses to flood incidents are effective and that communities are able to respond properly to flood warnings
  • help communities recover more quickly and effectively from flooding incidents

The strategy includes:

  • clarification of the parties responsible for managing flood risks from various sources (eg the Environment Agency is responsible for flooding from the River Thames)
  • definition of our roles and responsibilities as a LLFA under the Flood and Water Management Act (2010)
  • details of potential sources of flood risk
  • identification of areas at a higher risk of flooding - includes areas designated as Local Flood Risk Zones and Critical Drainage Areas
  • details of the general approach to managing flood risk, including both a borough wide action plan and local community action plans

Adopted Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and associated documents  

Complementary documents:


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