Herne Hill and Dulwich Flood Alleviation Scheme

We've developed and implemented an innovative and multiple award winning proposal to help prevent sewer and surface water flooding to a over 400 properties in the Herne Hill and Dulwich area during severe storms.

The principle of the proposal is to capture and store surface water before it enters the sewer system. This will reduce the risk of flooding during and immediately after a storm, while the system is at full capacity. Stored water will be released into the sewer system a few hours later when there's capacity for it.

The works were based on Turney Road, Southwark Community Sports Trust grounds, Belair Park and Dulwich Park.

You can find more information about the Herne Hill and Dulwich flood risk management proposal (PDF, 28.9mb) and the park proposal plans (PDF, 23mb)here.

Flood alleviation scheme

Our flood alleviation scheme (PDF, 66kb) will help prevent the Dulwich and Herne Hill areas from experiencing another severe flooding episode. The measures outlined in this scheme were specifically designed for extreme weather experienced over a short period of time (unlike the continued bad weather which has contributed to widespread flooding across the UK in recent times).

Our scheme has:

  • been acknowledged as an innovative model of urban surface water management
  • won three awards (the ICE London Civil Engineering, Environment Agency Project Excellence Award and British Construction Industry Sustainability Award)

Page last updated: 10 May 2017

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