What others are doing

What government are doing about air quality nationally

In 2011 the government published “The Air Quality Strategy for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland”, which sets out air quality objectives and policy options to further improve air quality in the UK from today into the long term. The document is split into two volumes:

Transport accounts for around a quarter of UK greenhouse gas emissions and affects air quality at the roadside. Government is working to reduce emissions by promoting public transport choices, supporting the market for innovative forms of transport and encouraging a move to cleaner and lower carbon vehicles.

Find out about governments policy on transport emissions

What Greater London Authority (GLA) is doing about air quality regionally

The Mayor of London has responsibility for air quality across the city area.

Find out more about what the GLA is doing about pollution and air quality.

The London Mayor is responsible for producing The London Plan, with Policy 7.14 relating to air quality. The London Mayor has also produced supplementary planning guidance which are relevant to air quality, these are:

The Transport Strategy was published in 2010 by the previous London Mayor. Proposal 87 of the strategy encourages business to operate quieter vehicles as well as to promote improvements in air quality, and reduce CO2 emissions

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