Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch involves neighbours looking after each other, such as neighbours keeping 'an eye' on each other's houses while neighbours are away or on holiday.

Being part of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme is relatively simple - there's little or no work for you to do, apart from being a good neighbour. When you report suspicious activities or environmental issues in your area, it helps reduce crime and keeps the neighbourhood a pleasant place to live.

The benefits of joining a neighbourhood watch include:

  • being an active part of your community no matter where you live
  • increasing your safety awareness and preventing bad stuff from happening
  • looking out for your neighbours, including the old, the young and the vulnerable
  • find out first: you'll learn of crime trends that affect your area
  • reductions on home insurance

What's involved in being a member

Once you’re signed up, there’s nothing to do unless you want to get involved with organising street parties or other activities. What makes you part of Neighbourhood Watch is that you care about the welfare of the people who live near you and you notice and act if something has gone amiss.

Members receive monthly updates on local crime figures and crime prevention advice by email.

The specific roles

The coordinator is a person who agrees to set up and run the watch for your street / estate. They sign a declaration and provide contact information so that they can receive info from the police and Southwark NHW Association. The coordinator will send out this info to the watch members and feed back any concerns they feel necessary.

How to join

If you’re interested in joining or setting up a watch, email Marcus Suitor, Secretary, Southwark Neighbourhood Watch Association at or phone 0843 289 6529 (about call charges).

Page last updated: 08 March 2019