Devolved Highways Fund

Every year a portion of the highways capital renewal budget is set aside (£800k) for all eligible ideas considered by your local ward councilors.

We are no longer accepting applications for Devolved Highway projects via the 2020-21 CGS Programme. 

Decisions will be known in early 2020.

What ideas can be considered

Ideas that improve or enhance the public highway:

  • traffic calming
  • footway and carriageway resurfacing
  • localised repairs
  • accessibility improvements
  • footway buildouts
  • cycle hangars
  • trees

What is not eligible

  • ideas on private land or housing estates (ideas on housing estates may be eligible for CGS funding)
  • ideas which would reduce the footway and impede pedestrians
  • the removal of traffic calming measures without suitable replacements
  • speed cameras or traffic speed indicators
  • ideas which do not comply with council policy
  • street parties or events on the public highway

Who can apply

Individuals, community groups or organisations who live or and work in the community council area where they are proposing an idea. Unlike the CGS programme, funding is not available as grants. Successful proposals will be carried out by Southwark’s approved contractors.

How can I apply

Apply using the CGS application form either online or on paper. Officers will identify whether your idea is on the public highway and direct your application to the Devolved Highways list. Your application may still be included on the CGS list, for example if some of your idea is not eligible for highways funding.

Email or call 0207 525 2461.

How do I assess the cost of my proposal

You do not need to include a cost, however you can include an estimate if you wish. Works on the public highway are complex. Shortlisted proposals for the 2020/21 programme will be costed by officers during November and December 2019. Reports will be presented to ward councillors and decisions will be announced in early 2020. You can find the dates of Community Council meetings here.

For more information, contact us by email or call 020 7525 2461.

Page last updated: 17 October 2019