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The Cleaner Greener Safer programme funds ideas from residents and organisations in Southwark, which improve the local area. Do you want to create a community garden on your estate? Perhaps you want cycle parking on your estate or live near a play area which could do with a revamp? If your idea is to make permanent, physical changes to your local area, the Cleaner Greener Safer programme could make your idea a reality.

Could your street be improved with new surfacing or paving? Is there a road near you which could be made more accessible with dropped kerbs or safer with traffic calming measures? You can use the same application process to propose ideas for the Devolved Highways programme.

The 2023/24 application period has closed. Results will be announced February/March 2023 at multi ward decision meetings.

We don’t fund events or activities. There's another funding programme for revenue projects to promote inclusion, improve skills, combat isolation and help young people. Visit the Neighbourhoods Fund page for more details.

The annual timetable for applying for CGS and Devolved Highways funding is:


Application period


Shortlisting and feasibility studies


Decisions announced


Funding becomes available/project delivery begins

Your local ward councillors decide which ideas will be funded by the CGS and DHB programmes. Decisions are announced at Multi Ward Area meetings.

Launch the Southwark Maps page to find your ward. After launching the Southwark Maps page, tick 'Wards and Councillors' from the right hand menu and enter the location of your idea. Your ward councillor information will appear on the left. Multi Ward Area information is listed on each councillor’s webpage.

Who can apply

Individuals or constituted groups, but you must live or work in the area where you're proposing the scheme.

If you're an individual artist applying for funding, be aware that you might not be commissioned to carry out the works. Your proposal can be one of many submitted and through stakeholder consultation the one with the most support will be commissioned.

What ideas will be considered

CGS capital funding is for permanent and physical improvements. For examples of successful applications, visit our projects page.

Examples of suitable ideas:

  • parks, community gardens, landscaping, tree planting and wildlife areas

  • children's playgrounds, youth facilities, ball courts and cycle tracks

  • security measures (such as lighting and fencing), pavements and tackling grot spots

What is not eligible for funding

The following is not eligible for funding:

  • temporary improvements

  • community days

  • workshops


  • internal works on housing property (eg security doors, door entry systems, internal communal area decorations); outside areas open to the general public ARE eligible for funding

  • works on private property unless there's a long-term guarantee of public access or a demonstrable public benefit

Applying for a grant

CGS funding is available as grants for constituted groups. To find out more, visit the CGS capital grants page.

Funding for ideas on the public highway

Every year, £800,000 capital funding for public highway improvements is available.

Apply using the CGS application form.

To find out more, visit the devolved highways page.

Other sources of funding

Every year we receive more applications than it's possible to fund. We'll let you know if your application is unsuccessful.

For other possible sources of funding, go to Community Southwark, United St Saviour’s Charity or Funding central.

Data Privacy Notice

Southwark Council uses your personal data to administer and process your application. Section 1 of the Localism Act 2011 permits us to do this and we do not require your permission to process the data. If you don't provide the information, we cannot process your application.

Your personal information will only be used by highways officers to verify eligibility and discuss your application. Your personal information will not be kept for longer than six years.

If you're concerned about how the council use your personal data or would like to enquire about the personal information we hold on to, contact us via or on 020 7525 5000.

More information about your rights is available on our website, or via the Information Commissioner.

Page last updated: 03 October 2022

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