About Community Councils

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Our community councils provide a forum where local people, elected Councillors and council officers can meet to discuss anything of interest to the local community, and enable individuals and groups to ask questions, make suggestions, and consult upon proposed decisions affecting their neighbourhood. The meetings are open to anyone who lives, works or studies in the cc area, and are an important part of the council’s consultation and decision making process.

The five community councils are based on council ward boundaries:

Each has elected councillors as voting members who all attend the five public meetings that are held in venues across the community councils area each year.

Other decisions can also be made at the first meeting of the cycle in June. All the other meetings will be less formal and allow more time for discussion.

How do we work

Local Councillors, elected to represent the area, sit on the community councils, involve local people in discussion about the issues, and use the points raised to help them take decisions on key areas such as traffic management, community safety and environmental improvements.

The Community Councils also manage funds and allocate money for local projects and activities. These funds are publicised through the community council meeting, the cc newsletter, and Facebook pages, and are usually applied for in the Autumn each year. Funding decisions are taken in the first part of the January to February meeting (and occasionally in the March meeting) where official minutes will be taken.

Attending the meetings also allows local people and councillors a time to get to know groups and organisations that work in the area, including Wardens and the police, as well as meeting new neighbours and getting involved.

The meetings are held at different venues across the community council area, generally starting at 7pm on a weekday, or 1pm on a Saturday and last about three hours. All meetings are open to the public except when confidential or exempt information is being discussed.

The meetings are usually themed around a particular topic, such as transport, health, development, environment, employment etc with workshops for more specific discussion and presentations from council officers, special interest groups and local initiatives with some relevance to the theme.

How to get involved

If you’d like to participate in your community council, you can:

  • attend a meeting
  • contact your local Councillor about raising a specific issue
  • submit a petition to a community council
  • raise a deputation
  • ask a question or take part in the open discussion during the meeting
  • present your community activity at a community slot
  • additionally, the community councils can facilitate and support the forming of new groups, and local projects through funding opportunities, advice and introductions

Find out more information about the meetings

To find out which community council area that you live in go to “in my area” and put in your postcode. Click on the link that relates to you. Each area has its own web page where you should find the information that you need.

Details of the meetings are also published five working days before the meeting on the Moderngov website.

People can also sign up to receive regular email notifications and e-newsletters, about community councils and other local activities by contacting your area Community Council officer.

If you're not sure which community council area you live in, you can check your postcode here.

To find out how Community Councils are more than just a meeting, have a look at the review (pdf, 1.2mb) of what we've been doing over the last year.

Page last updated: 20 December 2018