Get election ready

The UK General Election is on 4 July.
You need valid photo ID to vote in person. Check your ID now.
If you don’t have valid ID, apply by 5pm on 26 June for a Voter Authority Certificate.  
Find out more about voting and elections in Southwark

Paying your bill

You can pay your Council Tax bill by Direct Debit, pay online with your credit or debit card, pay by internet banking or use Paypoint outlets.

Pay your Council Tax now

The cost of your bill is split into 10 monthly payments.  You can extend this to 12 months, but you must contact us before 1 February to get 12 instalments on your next bill.

You can also change the day you pay your Council Tax instalments, choosing from the 1st, 8th, 15th, 20th or 25th of the month.

How to make your monthly Council Tax payments

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the simplest and most convenient way to pay.

Sign up to pay your Council Tax bill by Direct Debit and you can choose which day of the month to pay.

Have your Council Tax paid for a year!

If you pay by Direct Debit and have a MySouthwark account linked to your Council Tax account by 31 July, you could win your Council Tax paid for a year

Credit or debit card

You can pay your Council Tax bill online or pay by phone on 0345 600 0611 (find out about call charges).

We accept most major credit and debit cards.

You’ll need the account number from your Council Tax bill.

BACS and Internet banking

Please quote the council's sort code 62-24-00 and account number 96828803, together with your Council Tax account number when making a payment.

Overseas accounts

To make a payment from an overseas account, you'll need to quote different bank details:

Southwark's Bank Identifier Code (BIC) : NWBK GB 2L

Bank Account Number (IBAN):GB57 NWBK 5150 0396 8288 03.

You'll need to quote your Council Tax account number when making a payment.

Paypoint outlets

You can use the barcode on the front of your bill to pay at any PayPoint outlet or Post Office so please keep it safe. There is no charge to pay like this.

If you’ve made a payment that isn’t showing on your Council Tax account

You can tell us about a missing Council Tax payment. You’ll need to provide proof.

Page last updated: 05 May 2021


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