Ward changes in Southwark

Questions answered regarding the change of wards

Why are the boundaries changing?

Boundaries in all council areas are reviewed by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England to make sure that there is electoral equality. That means that councillors all represent a similar number of people.  In Southwark, due to changes in population, there were some areas that were over represented and others which were under represented. The LGBCE therefore carried out a review of our boundaries and made recommendations to Parliament to change them. These were approved in 2016 and come into force for the 2018 elections. 

Is this about helping one political party over another?

No, The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is an independent body set up by Parliament. They are not part of government or any political party. They are accountable to Parliament through a cross party committee of MPs chaired by the Speaker of the House of Commons. The final recommendations that are made go to Parliament for approval, the Council does not decide the boundaries. 

How do I find out what ward I am in?

The LGBCE has published a map showing the new boundaries.

Does this mean I will have different councillors?

Councillors are elected for a four year term.  This comes to an end in May, and so councillors who wish to remain will need to seek re-election. 

Councillors will be elected in May for the new wards and will serve until the next scheduled elections in 2022. 

We do not yet know who the candidates will be for each ward, but it may be that your current councillor seeks re-election in a different ward to you or a different area altogether. 

Will I vote in the same place?

You need to check your poll card when you receive it as the place you are voting may have changed. 

Will this change who my MP is and which parliamentary constituency I am in?

No, these boundaries only affect local council elections. A separate review of parliamentary boundaries is taking place. This is due to publish in September 2018. Further details of this can be found here.

Who is my councillor now?

Your councillors remain in post on the existing boundaries until the election. Find out who your councillor is and how to contact them.

Page last updated: 31 May 2019