Administering authority policies

Pension Administration Policy

The Southwark Pension Fund has been developed following consultation with employers in the Fund.

The aims of the strategy are to ensure that both the administering authority (Southwark Council) and the employers are fully aware of their responsibilities under the Scheme, and to outline the performance standards they are expected to meet to ensure the delivery of a high-quality and cost-effective administration service.

The investment strategy for the Fund is outlined in the Southwark pension fund investment strategy statement and the Southwark pension fund administration strategy, click here.

Scheme Pays Policy

Scheme Pays is a process which may allow part of your annual tax charge to be paid by the Southwark Pension Fund, in exchange for a reduction in your pension benefits. There are two types of Scheme Pays, Mandatory and Voluntary, and the Southwark Pension Fund Scheme Pays Policy (pdf, 204kb) covers both.

If you wish to ask Southwark Council to pay some or all of your annual tax charge, in line with the Scheme Pays Policy, please complete and return the Annual Allowance Scheme Pays Election Notice (pdf, 195kb).

Page last updated: 13 December 2018