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Modernise strategy

On 1 November 2016, Southwark’s Cabinet agreed a suite of strategies to help staff in the way that they work and support the delivery of the council’s priority outcomes.  The workforce, workplace and IT strategies sit under Southwark’s Fairer Future modernisation programme.

Southwark’s Fairer Future modernisation programme

The modernisation programme focuses on three key areas which are the fundamental building blocks on which we will transform and modernise the council. These building blocks are:

  • workforce
  • workplace
  • IT

This programme will transform how Southwark operates as a council, fulfilling our promise ‘to modernise our council by transforming where and how we work in order to better serve our customers’.

You can find a copy of the modernisation programme strategy (PDF, 300kb) here.

Southwark’s Fairer Future workforce strategy

The workforce strategy will help us to put in place all of the essential elements needed to make sure that our people can deliver our corporate plans and priorities for our borough and as one council.  This will help provide staff across the council with a more consistent experience, reduce bureaucracy and communicate to and between staff more effectively.  

You can find a copy of the workforce strategy (PDF, 2.6mb) here.

Southwark’s Fairer Future workplace strategy

The workplace strategy sets out our vision to provide a bright, modern flexible work environment for all staff that supports mobility, productivity and collaboration across departments. We will maximise the benefits from our office accommodation through increasing space utilisation, diversifying facilities and creating opportunities to share service and space provision.

You can find a copy of the workplace strategy (PDF, 2.9mb) here.

Southwark’s Fairer Future IT strategy

The council has set out an ambitious strategy to become a ‘Digital Council’ and a ‘Digital Borough’ within the next 3 years. This is in the context of saving more than £60 million over the same time frame. This IT strategy provides a clear plan for how we will build an evolving and responsive IT service that meets the requirements of all our staff as well as our residents.

You can find a copy of the IT strategy (PDF, 814kb) here. 

Page last updated: 17 January 2023

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