Publication scheme

The Southwark Council publication scheme is a guide to the information that the council routinely publishes or intends to publish routinely. The council is committed to a policy of open access to information under the scheme. 

We recommend you look at the Southwark Council publication scheme (doc, 75kb) and the council’s website before making a freedom of information request. If you can't find the required information, you can still make a request under general right of access.

The term 'publication' isn't limited to information contained in a bound or printed form, such as a brochure or book. It includes many different ways of producing information. Web based information is a big part of the publication scheme, in addition to mass produced leaflets. 

Some information is held in public registers and isn't in a suitable form for publication. In these cases, the information is available in specified locations for public inspection. 

The council’s website doesn't replicate the council's departmental structure and instead groups information by functions. 

We aim to make searching through types of information as easy as possible. By grouping information together irrespective of council departments, you can see the full range of publicly available information. 

The director of legal services, also known as the monitoring officer, has overall responsibility for the publication scheme on behalf of the local authority. 

The financial and information governance team is responsible for regularly maintaining, reviewing and updating Southwark's publication scheme. 

Publication scheme charges 

Accessing the publication scheme is free of charge for material held in electronic format. 

Alternatively, you can request a copy of the material by post. There will be a charge of 10p per A4 page and 20p per A3 page in addition to postage costs. 

Where other charges apply, as with official publications, the charge will be clearly stated. 

Availability of publication scheme information

Information on the publication scheme will continue to be available until it has been superseded. 

All information is held for as long as stipulated in the Southwark retention schedule, including publication scheme material. Publication scheme material, current or archive, will be available for as long as it's due to be retained.

Page last updated: 26 June 2017