Cleaner greener safer

We will...

  • improve the quality of neighbourhoods
  • maintain clean streets
  • continue estate deep cleans
  • encourage people to keep Southwark clean, and use our enforcement powers where people litter or don't clean up after their dogs
  • increase recycling rates
  • divert more than 95% of waste away from landfill
  • have zero tolerance on noisy neighbours
  • increase CCTV coverage
  • deliver the Women’s Safety Charter
  • deliver the Domestic Abuse Strategy
  • support the Mayor’s commitment for dedicated police officers in every ward
  • campaign for Seeley Drive police base in the south of the borough
  • double the number of estates receiving green energy from the South East London Combined Heat and Power
  • use our regulator powers to minimise the impact of the Super Sewer tunnelling on local residents and schools
  • double capital investment into roads
  • invest in our libraries, including Nunhead and Kingswood House, and keep all libraries open
We want people to feel safe in their borough, to walk down clean streets and to know that their borough is leading the way when it comes to things that matter like recycling and reducing landfill waste

How we are doing

  • in 2016-17, cleanliness levels have remained above our targets and almost 97% of waste was diverted away from landfill
  • we used our enforcement powers to carry out 60 targeted operations to tackle littering and dog fouling across the borough; on average 75% of residents were satisfied with their neighbourhoods as a place to live, and 73% were satisfied with street cleanliness
  • 151 premises have signed up to the Women’s Safety Strategy since it launched, with construction companies now participating too
  • in line with our Domestic Abuse Strategy we trained 21 domestic abuse champions this year
  • we have continued to keep all our libraries open and are planning to open a new Grove Vale Library, Nunhead Library also reopened following refurbishment. We know our communities value libraries and are delighted that the huge success of the new Camberwell Library has been recognised by winning the national Bookseller Library of the Year Award 2017

Page last updated: 08 August 2017