Fairer Future Commitments

Guided by our values and shaped by our context, the Borough Plan presents a set of commitments which will help us achieve our vision of a fairer future for all. The refreshed commitments were agreed by the Cabinet in September 2020 and are due to be formally agreed by the council assembly in November 2020.

The Borough Plan sets out these commitments across the following eight themes:

Theme 1 - COVID-19 response

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on Southwark, with thousands of lives tragically lost and millions more profoundly impacted. We'll work with the NHS, local communities and businesses to respond to the crisis and to support residents through this difficult period. Through the Community Support Alliance, we'll continue to build on the positive work of the council and voluntary and community organisations to support vulnerable residents during the pandemic.

Theme 2 - Southwark Together

Southwark is a unique, vibrant borough and our greatest asset is our residents and communities. Our vision is for united, connected communities across the whole borough. We're committed to working with our communities, from partners to faith groups to charities and voluntary organisations, to challenge ourselves and others to be better at every opportunity. We'll take action across all areas of the council’s work, and ensure that equality is embedded in everything we do.

Theme 3 - A green and inclusive economy

We're committed to growing the local economy by supporting local businesses and tackling the barriers that hold people back from securing good work. We want to grow Southwark’s economy, investing in our town centres and supporting thriving sectors such as construction, cultural and creative to grow. Any economic recovery must contribute to tackling the Climate Emergency. With support for green businesses and an ambitious Green New Deal for Southwark, we'll also seek to tackle the barriers which hold back individuals and businesses from playing a full part in our economy. 

Theme 4 - Climate Emergency

Southwark declared a Climate Emergency in 2019. The Climate Emergency has a direct impact on Southwark residents and requires urgent action at all levels of government, businesses and individuals. We've published our ambitious Climate Emergency Strategy, setting out how we'll work towards making Southwark carbon neutral by 2030. We'll tackle the Climate Emergency, putting the environment at the heart of everything we do as a council.

Theme 5 - Tackling health inequalities

We want to break down barriers that prevent people from thriving in Southwark, so that whatever your background you can live a healthy life. The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 has shown clearly that breaking down barriers that prevent people from living a healthy life must include tackling health inequalities that affect different communities. We're committed to closing the gap in health inequalities and tackling health issues that particularly affect our Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. We'll continue to support and protect our most vulnerable residents, and continue to do everything we can to make it easy for residents in Southwark to lead healthy and active lives. 

Theme 6 - Homes for all

Everyone should have a safe place they are proud to call home. Southwark Council is the biggest social landlord in London and we're committed to maintaining the highest standards, so all our homes are clean, safe and cared for. The housing crisis means that Southwark faces a significant shortage of affordable homes. We'll continue our long-term homebuilding programme, invest in and improve our estates, and make the case nationally for the powers and resources to build the homes our residents need.

Theme 7 - A great start in life

Every child deserves the best start in life. We want all children and young people in the borough to grow up in a safe, healthy and happy environment where they have the opportunity to reach their potential. Since 2018, we’ve opened a new secondary school in the borough, rolled out free healthy school meals to school nurseries, closed roads around schools to make it easier for children to walk and cycle to school and over half of primary schools in Southwark are now taking part in the ‘daily mile’. Schools in Southwark have gone above and beyond during the pandemic, remaining open for vulnerable and key worker children and taking necessary steps to ensure that they can safely reopen for all students. We'll support schools to ensure that children do not fall behind because of COVID-19, and to close the attainment gap between the most and least advantaged pupils.

Theme 8 - Thriving neighbourhoods

Southwark is our neighbourhoods. We'll be ambitious for every part of Southwark. The pandemic has made more people want or need to stay local. We must respond to that and build more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable neighbourhoods. Our aim is to ensure all key services, shops and leisure facilities are within a 15 minute walk or cycle. We'll build on the work we've already done with local communities to develop charters, setting out the long-term vision of how we'll ensure new development and growth leads to better outcomes, reduced inequalities and more opportunities for local people.




Page last updated: 22 January 2021

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