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The Mayor of Southwark

The Southwark Civic Awards 2023

The Southwark Civic Awards celebrate our roots as London’s most historic borough by conferring the liberties of the three metropolitan boroughs from which The London Borough of Southwark was formed in 1965 - Bermondsey, Camberwell and Southwark.

We also want to recognise exceptional contributions to civic, community or family life by individuals, businesses, projects or organisations in the geographical areas they once covered.  Those nominated for one of these awards may have given a lifetime or many years of service or made an exceptional contribution to civic and community life in the previous year (2022). 

Apart from the rarely-conferred Honorary Freedom of Southwark, the Southwark Civic Awards are the most prestigious the council can make, with only a handful of citizens awarded an honour each year.

Category 1: The Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey

Category 2: The Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell

Category 3: The Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough of Southwark

Category 4: The Young Citizen of the Year Award

Category 5: The Southwark Together Award

Category 6: The Mayor's Discretionary Award

The scheme is open for nominations and will close on Tuesday 31 January 2023

The Southwark Civic Awards 2023 nomination form

The Liberty Awards

The Young Citizen of the Year Award

This award will recognise the exceptional community spirit, generosity or civic mindedness of a youth or young adult under the age of 25 in any part of the borough. As with the ‘liberties’, you may nominate a young citizen who has contributed several years of service to community or family life, or has made an outstanding contribution in the previous year alone (2022). The recipient of this award must be a Southwark resident.

The Southwark Together Award

This new Civic Award has been introduced to celebrate those who work over and above the call of duty to promote equality, diversity and inclusion, enable good community relations, tolerance and understanding. This award will recognise an individual, community group or organisation that has made an outstanding contribution to enabling Southwark to be a more integrated, tolerant, welcoming, safe and inclusive borough, which values its rich diversity. Building on the work of Southwark Stands Together, the award celebrates great practice to promote equality, inclusion and good community relations.

Nominations can be made for individuals’ voluntary activity or community group, organisation or business which is based in and/or benefits the Southwark community.

What are we looking for?

With this awards scheme, the keywords are ‘active citizenship’ and ‘exceptional achievement’.

We are in search of people, projects, organisations and businesses worthy of being singled out and publicly recognised for their generous use of time, ideas, energy and resources for the betterment of others.  We are also looking for shining examples of civic mindedness, personal courage, or service to family or community that is above and beyond the ordinary. We want the recipients of these awards to know that the difference they have made to the lives of others, or indeed the life of the borough, is recognised at the highest level. Examples may include, but are not restricted to:

  • outstanding personal service to the young or the elderly
  • a community organisation or person that has improved the lives of many
  • a project or event that has helped to build bridges between cultures and communities
  • an act of personal courage or generosity
  • innovation in business or the improvement of the local economy
  • enhancement of the borough’s culture, heritage and reputation

The Mayor’s Discretionary Award

Southwark's First Citizen, Councillor Sunil Chopra, exercises his personal judgment in granting this award. It may go to those already honoured with a Liberty or Young Citizen of the Year Award. This discretionary award recognises an individual, business, project or organisation in any part of the borough that has made the most outstanding contribution to community life, in being singled out for outstanding achievement.

The Awards Ceremony

Awards will be presented at a civic celebration later in the year at Southwark Cathedral. Each recipient will receive an ornate scroll of honour from the current Mayor of Southwark or a past Mayor.

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