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Leader of the Council and Cabinet Members

Councillor James McAsh

Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency, Clean Air and Streets

Cllr McAsh’s responsibilities include:

  • Reducing carbon emissions - engaging local people and organisations in action to reduce carbon emissions; promoting climate justice; delivery and ongoing development of the Southwark Climate Action Plan; and ending the council’s own emissions
  • Adaptation to climate change - ensuring plans and action are in place to make Southwark resilient to changes in the climate including heatwaves and extreme weather events    
  • Air quality - improving air quality, reducing harmful emissions and air quality monitoring
  • Walking and cycling - making Southwark a great place to walk, wheel or cycle; including cycle lessons, infrastructure, hire and storage
  • Streets and parking- creating safer, greener and healthier streets; road safety; parking (on the council’s highways and estates); street lighting (including on council estates and in parks); and highways maintenance
  • Transport - including improving local bus services and public transport, accessible travel (including blue badges and the Freedom Pass), promoting sustainable freight; reducing traffic and electric vehicle charging; and managing the council’s fleet
  • Waste and recycling – waste and bin collection and the council work to reducing waste and increasing recycling
  • Cleaning, pest control and grounds maintenance - street and estate cleaning;  fly-tipping and graffiti removal; pest control; and maintenance of verges and green spaces on the council’s highways and estates

Page last updated: 28 November 2023


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