Leader of the council and cabinet members

Councillor Stephanie Cryan

Cabinet Member for Communities, Equalities & Finance

Cllr Cryan will ensure sound business planning and financial management within the council and keep council tax as low as possible by delivering value for money across all our high quality services. She is responsible for oversight of the development and implementation of the council’s budget and has additional responsibility for performance management across the council. Cllr Cryan also leads the organisation’s work keeping our key customer-facing services at the highest standard, providing excellent service, and ensuring Southwark Council continues to be a great place to work and succeed. She will champion equality and diversity across the borough and stand beside Southwark’s varied and diverse communities. She leads on the council’s work to tackle inequality and will ensure that fairness and justice are the cornerstone of all the decisions we make.

Cllr Cryan will be responsible for delivering our commitment to:

  • launch a new Southwark Energy Savers service
  • establishing a new Southwark Cost of Living Fund
  • make the council’s pension fund zero carbon by 2030 
  • provide free access to the internet through our network of community buildings 
  • stand against big companies who dodge their taxes
  • keep council tax low
  • ensure the whole council is focussed on closing the gap in life chances within our borough
  • make Southwark one of the most digitally connected boroughs 
  • invest in community-led action to make Southwark fairer, greener and safer
  • strengthen Southwark’s network of community-led hubs
  • establish a ‘Southwark Together’ civic leadership programme 
  • work with the community to establish a Latin American cultural space
  • secure a new permanent LGBTQ+ cultural space 

Cllr Cryan will have wider responsibility for:

  • the council’s budget and financial strategy 
  • performance and financial management across the council
  • the council's response to the cost of living crisis
  • Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS)
  • council’s response to welfare reform
  • customer services, the call centre, complaints and members’ enquires 
  • digital inclusion
  • digital infrastructure, improving broadband and the free WiFi network
  • corporate IT and IT shared services and the council’s website
  • procurement and social value
  • Pension Funds
  • Legal and Constitutional services
  • electoral services, electoral registration and postal vote uptake
  • registrar's and coroners services  
  • human resources and workforce training and skills
  • increasing equality and diversity in the council’s workforce
  • council’s internal relationship with staff trade unions
  • Facilities and the Operational Estate
  • community involvement and development
  • promoting equality and diversity
  • Southwark Stands Together
  • increasing the voice and influence of black, Asian and minority ethnic communities
  • women’s rights
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • voluntary and community sector
  • faith communities
  • community grants and investment
  • community buildings
  • advice services
  • civic issues

Page last updated: 20 September 2022

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