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Insurance claims

General public and residents' liability claims against the council

Southwark effects different insurance cover, to protect its own and stakeholders' property and liabilities, including a building policy for housing lessees and a voluntary tenants' and lessees' contents insurance scheme.

This guidance however is primarily concerned with the procedure to be followed if you wish to pursue a claim against the council for injury to yourself or damage to your property, which you consider the council is legally liable for.

Please read the general guide on making claims (PDF, 28kb).

Southwark Council aims to ensure that fair and equitable decisions are made as quickly as possible. For a liability claim to be accepted and payment made, there has to be proven legal liability on the part of the council for the injury or damage suffered.

If there's no legal liability upon the council for any injury or damage, as we are dealing with public funds, we are not able to make any payment. If you have access to any property insurance which covers any damage, then usually a claim against such insurance will be processed more quickly than a sometimes complicated investigation of a liability claim against the council.

  • for loss or damage to property and/or personal injury (negligence on the part of the council), complete and return the property and injury liability report form (doc, 154kb)
  • if you have any queries on the completion of the form and if your claim is connected to an incident on a road or pavement within Southwark (other than red routes, see below), email 
  • for other (non-highways) incidents email
  • for damage and injury liability claims originating on "red routes" contact Transport for London (TFL) customer services on 0343 222 1234 and ask for Streets Department (TFL being responsible for red routes in London, not the council)

For other interested parties including solicitors, please note that the details of our liability insurer's claims handlers are:

Gallagher Bassett
Wentworth House
Turnberry Park Road
Gildersome, Morley
LS27 7LE

Tel: 01245 772 200

This is effective until 30 September 2024 and will be updated in the future. This is the cover period for all incidents occurring between 1 May 1998 and 30 September subject to the usual limitation period.

Any Employers Liability or Public Liability Portal claims need to be submitted against the Gallagher Bassett ID - D00019.

Leaseholder building

For leaseholder loss or damage to buildings, eg damage from burst pipes to plasterwork in the premises, refer to the Home owners services pages or contact 020 7525 7660.

Motor accidents

For incidents involving a council insured vehicle, contact Fleet Services call 020 7525 2410.

For incidents involving a Veolia refuse vehicle, contact Veolia call 020 7525 2560.

Home contents insurance

The council will only be responsible for losses to your contents where you can prove that we have been legally liable for the damage or loss.

Even where it is established that the council has been negligent or otherwise legally responsible for damage to your contents, the measure of our legal liability will normally be limited to the value of your contents after wear and tear have been taken into account. Most insurances that you affect yourself will normally be settled on a "new for old" basis. 

The council has arranged for a new for old home contents insurance pay as you go scheme (PDF, 170kb), on a new for old basis, which has been specially designed for tenants and leaseholders.

Further information on this scheme is available from your local area housing office by emailing or phoning 0845 601 7007. 

Fraud detection and exchange of information

The data held by Southwark Council will be exchanged with other authorities, our insurers and their agents for the prevention and detection of fraud.

Page last updated: 10 November 2023


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