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Southwark’s Brexit Risk Register

The government is responsible for leading the withdrawal process of the UK from the EU.  At the point of publication, the likely outcome of that process by government remains unclear. There are many theories about what the impact of different scenarios will be, and the government is responsible for mitigating many of the potential national risks that are being discussed, such as disruption to food and medical supplies.  

Southwark’s primary responsibility is continuing to provide local services, and manage disruption to residents, businesses and the borough as a whole. In order to do this we need to remain alive to the impact of different scenarios and, where possible, put measures in place to mitigate any impact. This risk register (pdf, 218kb) sets out our broad areas of concern, and the actions we are taking to manage those.   

The risk register assumes scenarios and the impact on our borough that range from a managed deal between the UK and EU through to no deal, with all the uncertainty attached.  Recognising that residents and business may turn to the council for support, advice and assistance in the weeks and months ahead, we will continue to engage constructively with central government to make the case for the best possible scenario and the least worst impact on Southwark residents.  However to ensure we can do that effectively it remains imperative that proper guidance and financial support is provided by central government at this time of great uncertainty for all in our borough.

Page last updated: 23 December 2019

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