Tackling serious violence

The Southwark Safeguarding Boards are working hard to tackle violence in Southwark.

The Southwark Anti-Violence Unit (SAVU)

SAVU provides support for individuals aged 16 to 25 at risk from gang related activity or serious violence. They offer a range of interventions and clients are offered support in areas including education and training, substance misuse, finance and health.

SAVU has been built on previous successes which enabled clients to move away from gang activity and make positive lifestyle choices for the future. This reduces the risk of harm not only to themselves, but to their local communities.  

Southwark Emergency Rehousing Victims of Violent Enterprise (SERVE)

SERVE provides safe accommodation and mentoring for individuals at serious risk of violence associated with gang crime. This allows individuals to move to a safe property until long term housing can be arranged.  


Southwark uses available powers to target and disrupt clients who don't engage or continue to have a negative impact on the community. Enforcement options available to us include:

  • ABC's (acceptable behaviour contracts)
  • enforcement home visits
  • notice of seeking possession of a property
  • notice of termination of a property
  • Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBO's)
  • gang injunctions

For general questions, email luton.sinfield@southwark.gov.uk.

Page last updated: 08 March 2019