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Tackling knife crime in Southwark

Serious youth violence is a key focus for Southwark Council and we all have a role to making young people feel safer. Knife crime and serious violence is a national problem and almost every area of London has been touched by its devastating effects. In Southwark over the last 12 months we have seen a decrease in the number of knife crime offences however the levels remain unacceptably high and have a devastating effect on our communities.

This is why we're working with our communities and all of our partners in the Community Safety Partnership to deal with knife crime and serious youth violence.

What is the Southwark Knife Crime and Serious Violence Action Plan?

Every London borough is required to have a proactive plan for tackling knife crime and serious youth violence. Our Knife Crime and Serious Violence Action Plan (PDF, 385kb) sets out what all partners, council, police, health, schools and others are doing to tackle the immediate threat and divert young people away from a life impacted by crime. The plan sets out how we will support our communities in standing up against knife crime and violence.

Page last updated: 16 October 2019


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