Our campaign for more police

We're concerned about the loss of 194 police officers in Southwark and call on the Mayor of London to restore our lost officers. Please take the time to sign the petition online.

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The situation

Here is some information on this issue:

  • in 2010, Southwark had 957 police officers and 112 PSCOs
  • two years ago, the Mayor made an election promise not to reduce the number of police officers in Southwark
  • since 2010, police numbers have dropped by 20 per cent (a loss of 194 officers)
  • in addition, the number of PCSOs has been significantly reduced
  • new changes introduced by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) has resulted in officers being moved from ward level support to larger clusters with fewer opportunities to engage with local residents

Despite the reduction in police numbers, the council has pressed on with innovative community safety initiatives, including partnering with women's charity Solace to provide support to victims of domestic abuse and victim centered schemes run in partnership with Victim Support.

Why does this matter

Southwark has made great strides in crime and disorder. Only last year, we recorded a 25 per cent reduction in violent crime and 28 per cent reduction in gun crime since 2010. It’s really important to maintain this progress with a strengthened local police force that continues its successful relationship with the council.

Supporting the campaign

Sign the online petition today and share it with your friends and family. The more people that show their support, the greater the impact we can have.

Page last updated: 08 March 2019

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