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London Bridge and Borough Market incident support

Get support, information and advice if you are affected by the events in London Bridge and Borough Market in 2017

Borough and Shard

Many people can be affected by traumatic events; and supporting survivors of, and people bereaved through terrorism, is vital. It can be in the days, weeks, months and years afterwards that the emotional impact of witnessing or being affected by a terrorist incident can be felt.

As we approach the second anniversary, it you are affected by the terrorist attacks in London Bridge and Borough Market in 2017 there are a number of support services that can help you.

Continuing support for victims, witnesses and those affected

Regional services and helplines

You can call 111 for non-emergency medical advice in England and Scotland. For Wales you can call 0845 46 47 or 111 if available in your area.


If you are over 18 and you live in England you can contact your local ‘Improving Access to Psychological Therapies’ (IAPT) service to be assessed for NHS psychological treatment. Information on your local IAPT services is available from NHS Choices.

If you are under 18, or concerned about someone who is under 18, please look on NHS Choices for your local children and young people’s mental health service.


The NHS Outreach, Screen and Support Service is a free NHS service to identify and provide support to those who may need help with the emotional impact of the terrorist incidents in London.

Victim Support can provide longer term support through their local services, which can be accessed at any time after an attack. Their free confidential Support line is open 24/7 on 0808 168 9111.

The NSPCC helpline 0808 800 5000 provides parents or carers with advice on how to speak to a child about a terror incident. This is also the number to dial if you are worried that a child is being radicalised or at risk of radicalisation.

The Peace Foundation Survivors’ Assistance Network provides specialist support for all those in the UK affected by terrorist attacks at home or overseas, including witnesses and family members. The number is 01925 581 240 or you can email They provide tailored, personalised assistance plans for victims soon after a terrorist incident has occurred, help to address longer term support needs and support a sense of personal safety and well-being. Victims will also be able to participate in supportive group activity and remembrance events to help them rebuild their lives.

Page last updated: 11 November 2020

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