Hate crime - prevent it, report it!

London and national support

Say NO to Hate Crime

Hate crimes and hate incidents come in many different forms. It can be because of hatred on the grounds of your race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability. Hate incidents can also be for other reasons.

A hate crime or hate incident in any form is wrong. That's why it's important that if it happens to you or someone you know, that you report it. It’s also very important that you know who to contact if you need support.

Reporting crimes

Hate crimes and incidents hurt; they can be confusing and frightening. They can also have a lasting impact on victims.

By reporting them when they happen to you, you may be able to prevent these incidents from happening to someone else. You'll also help the police understand the extent of hate crime in your local area so they can better respond to it. Reporting makes a difference - to you, your friends and your life.

Below are some of the options available in London and nationally for reporting and/or for support.


True Vision

The 'True Vision' online reporting facility has been developed so that you can report hate crimes online if you don't want to report directly to the police.

Self Evident

A specialist reporting app is available for iPhone and Android phones which offers direct reporting, evidence collation and referrals for support.

The app is supported by Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime. The app can also be used to report crime in general. You can find more information and download the app www.witnessconfident.org/self-evident-app here.

General support

Victim Support
Support Line
Tel: 0845 30 30 900
Email: supportline@victimsupport.org.uk

Victim Support Southwark (VSS) works to support victims of crime, their families and witnesses of crime within the London Borough of Southwark. Their services, such as security for your home, are free and confidential. You can use them if you haven't reported the crime to the police.

Victim Support Southwark is independent of the police, Southwark Council, the Home Office and the criminal justice system.  

Racist hate crime 

If you're a victim of racist or xenophobic hate crime, The Monitoring Group can provide assistance, support and advocacy for you. They also provide support and advice for victims of Faith Hate (see section below for more info on Faith Hate services).

The Monitoring Group
Tel: 020 7582 7438
Email: office@tmg-uk.org
Tel: 020 7582 7438

LGBT Hate Crime Services

If you're from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans community and live in greater London, contact the following services for help and advice, including assistance reporting to the police (anonymously if you prefer). Alternatively, they can put you in contact with your local LGBT police liaison officer or community safety unit.

Hate Crime Caseworkers
Tel: 020 7704 6767
Email: info@qalop.org.uk
Helpline: 020 7704 2040

Peter Vittles
Hate Crime Worker
Tel: 020 8305 5000
Email: peterv@metrocharity.org.uk

Faith/Religious Hate Crime Services

There are some specialist services for victims of faith based or religious based hate crimes.

TellMAMA offer support, advice, and assistance to those who are victims of anti-Muslim Hate Crime or Hate Incidents.

Tel: 0800 456 1226
E-mail: info@tellmamauk.org
Twitter: @tellmamauk
SMS: 0115 707 0007

Community Security Trust (CST) provide advice, support and reporting facilities for anti-semitic hate crime and hate incidents.

Tel: 0800 032 3263
E-mail: incidents@cst.org.uk

Disability hate crime

If you've experienced disability hate crime, report it via the Inclusion London website .

Page last updated: 08 March 2019