Drugs and alcohol


The Alcohol Strategy (pdf, 1.5mb) lays out how we:

  • promote safe drinking levels
  • protect families and communities from the adverse effect of alcohol
  • provide the best treatment to reduce alcohol-related harm

Safer Southwark Partnership have completed a study into alcohol related crime and disorder for residents aged 65 and older (pdf, 531kb).


Facts about alcohol

  • around 200,000 people come to work with a hangover every day
  • alcohol is the second biggest risk factor for cancer after smoking
  • over 45s are three times more likely to drink alcohol every day
  • people who work are more likely to drink alcohol than unemployed people
  • alcohol is the single biggest cause of accidents at home

If you think that you, a friend or family member might have an alcohol problem or your family members or friends have expressed concerns that you're drinking too much, it's time to listen and talk about the health risks, social problems and stigmas associated with drinking. Find out more about alcohol misuse and the facts at drink aware.

For more information about available alcohol services, visit CGL.

Can you stay off booze for 31 days

Congratulations to everyone who took part in Dry January. It's important to remember that moderating your alcohol intake can benefit your health and wellbeing all year round.

Mocktail recipes

Creating tasty alternatives to alcohol is easy; you can view some delicious mocktail recipes here.

Drinks tracker

You can track your drinks with the Change4Life drinks tracker app. The app will explain the risks and give you handy tips and daily notes.

Page last updated: 08 March 2019