#oktotalk about domestic abuse

DA violence

Let’s talk about the warning signs of domestic abuse. Here are some common ones:

  • wanting to know how you spend your money, what you wear or where you go
  • saying you don’t need to worry about money, they will take care of you
  • things getting intense very early on, they may say they love you or want to move in together straightaway
  • dislike you seeing your friends or family, perhaps they 'want you all to themselves' or that you don’t need other people 'now you have each other'
  • jealous of your male/female friends; they might say it’s because you're too attractive for them not to fancy you, or because they like you so much
  • encouraging you to do things sexually you're not comfortable with, including sending pictures or text messages
  • very critical of you, sometimes you feel that you can’t do anything right or that you need to change your behaviour so you don’t annoy them
  • physically intimidating (they might not have touched you, but their body language makes you uncomfortable)

These alarm bells don’t automatically mean a relationship will be abusive, but being aware of them is really important. If anything is making you feel uncomfortable about your relationship, or if you're worried about a friend of family member, it’s ok to talk about it.


Page last updated: 03 August 2017