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Staying safe whilst accessing information on domestic abuse

How to search for information on domestic abuse online

Staying safe online advice

We give support to people aged 16 and above through the Southwark Domestic Abuse Service (SDAS) provided by Refuge:

  • phone 0207 593 1290
  • email the Southwark Domestic Abuse Service

Find advice on how to secure your tech

If you're in danger right now

  • if you're in immediate danger, call the police on 999
  • if you're calling 999 from a mobile and it isn’t safe to speak, use 55 to be transferred to the police as an emergency

Get advice on using email safely and keeping your internet browsing history private.

Accessing information online away from an abuser

If you want to be completely sure that you're not being tracked online, the safest way is to access the internet at a local library, a friend's house or at work. 

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Page last updated: 08 February 2023

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