Crime prevention advice

Safety at home

We all have responsibility to help prevent crime by making sure we take steps to protect our property. Here are some easy things you can do to stop burglars, reduce your risk of fire and stop bogus callers taking advantage of you in your home.

Keep burglars out by:

  • ensuring your windows are closed and locked securely before leaving home; fit deadlocks to all outside doors 
  • hiding spare keys in secure places that aren't obvious to burglars (eg under a brick or in a shed)
  • leaving a light or radio on at night so it appears someone is in
  • not leaving cash lying around

Keep safe from fire:

  • by having an escape plan and making sure everyone knows about it
  • fitting a fire alarm and testing it regularly

Bogus callers

Usually a bogus caller knocks on the door to distract the person living there, while an accomplice burgles the property. Avoid this from happening by:

  • fitting a chain and/or a spy hole
  • always asking for identification and making sure they're a genuine caller

Other advice

Follow the links below for useful tips and advice on how you can protect yourself and your property.

  • The following link opens in a new windowBBC - advice on protecting yourself, your family and your car while on holiday; offers interactive quizzes on protecting your car and your home
  • The following link opens in a new windowHelp the Aged - range of services designed to help older people remain independent and secure in their own home
  • The following link opens in a new windowLondon Fire Brigade - provides tips to prevent home fires; explains the most common causes of fires

Page last updated: 08 March 2019