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Community wardens

Community warden
Community wardens

Southwark's community warden service provides a visible reassuring patrol presence for the community. Our newly structured service consists of 40 uniformed officers providing a borough wide service comprised of the following different teams.

Joint Enforcement Team (JET)

North JET

This team is comprised of wardens and a dedicated police team (a sergeant and eight PCs). The team operates in the community council areas of Borough, Bankside & Walworth and Bermondsey & Rotherhithe. The team includes the Better Bankside wardens, ring fenced to the Bankside Business Improvement District and supported by a dedicated enforcement officer. Two wardens are based on the Aylesbury Estate.

South JET

This team is comprised of wardens and a dedicated police team (a sergeant and five PCs). The team operates in the community council areas of Camberwell, Dulwich and Peckham & Nunhead.

Parks Liaison Officers

These officers focus on safety within Burgess Park, Southwark Park, Peckham Rye, Dulwich Park and Geraldine Mary Harmsworth.

CCTV team

This team plays a vital role in crime prevention and detection as well as raising public confidence and feelings of safety.

How wardens help the community

Reducing crime and antisocial behaviour

Community wardens provide a highly visible and reassuring presence, which helps to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour (ASB). The wardens also tackle antisocial behaviour through education, community engagement and working closely with other officers from the council, the Metropolitan Police and the London Fire Brigade to create a safer borough.

Reducing environmental crime

Wardens help to improve the environment by identifying and reporting litter, graffiti, fly tipping and abandoned vehicles to the council's cleansing services. The monitoring of street and estate cleaning helps improve the appearance of the area and discourages further crime and ASB. Wardens are empowered to issue fixed penalty notices for littering, dog fouling, cycling on the pavement, graffiti and fly posting.

Building links in the community

Wardens play an important role in the community by working with schools and by helping organise community or sporting events. They also have a role in helping vulnerable members of the community, such as homeless people or isolated residents. Wardens aim to build closer communities by making local people feel more at ease in the area in which they live.

Page last updated: 08 March 2019


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