City safe

We've signed up to the CitySafe Haven campaign which offers young people a safe place to go if they feel threatened or are in immediate danger.

The focus of the CitySafe campaign is to encourage young people (CitySafe Champions) to build relationships with their peers, the police, neighbourhood organisations, and local businesses with the aim of creating further City Safe Havens.

CitySafe Havens are run by Citizens UK, a charity which aims to create safer communities across the country. Specially trained staff provide support to frightened young people seeking a safe refuge.


With over 600 CitySafe Havens across London, residents can feel safe no matter where they are.

These havens are located in:

  • local businesses
  • libraries
  • supermarkets
  • MySouthwark service points

There are currently 43 CitySafe Havens located across the borough. You can find the locations on our map below.


If you'd like more information about the scheme or becoming a safe haven, contact Ana Ferreira on 020 7043 9881 or 07516 911 638

Page last updated: 06 December 2017