Southwark Youth Council


As a Southwark youth council (SYC) member you get:

  • a chance to get involved in local politics
  • free accredited training in a range of subjects (equality and diversity, community action)
  • free residential trips
  • awards
  • recognition for work in your community
  • direct contact with local decision makers 
  • opportunities to meet new people
  • opportunities to devlop your skills, knowledge and boost your confidence

Member's comments:

'SYC has given me the chance to receive training and deliver it to other young people'

'I am now a football coach because of SYC and training local children'

'SYC has give me the opportunity to go to new places, do new things and meet new people'  

'SYC has taught us how to exercise our rights'

'SYC is a friendly environment'  

'My work at SYC helped me to get a job'

'SYC has helped me develop new skills and build up my confidence'  

'My university entrance interviewer was very impressed with the work I have done while at SYC'

Page last updated: 19 June 2019