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The 2017-18 Smart Savers scheme is now closed
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Southwark Smart Savers has been designed to help young people to save and teach them about responsible financial behaviour including experience of money matters, budgeting, saving and handling cash; giving them the tools to manage their money well into adulthood.

Who is eligible

We want to raise a generation of financially savvy smart savers, starting with every year 6 child from Southwark.  If your child is a resident of Southwark and is in year 6* (* to be eligible for this years scheme your child would need to have been born between 1 September 2006 and 31 August 2007), they can claim a £20 voucher to deposit into a new or existing London Mutual Credit Union junior saver account.

How to claim your voucher

In October this year we are sending a letter to all parents/carers of eligible children, however if you have not received the letter or have misplaced it, you can email us at and we will send you a new letter.

If you have received our letter and voucher but are yet to redeem it, you can cash your voucher simply by:

  • visiting any London Mutual Credit branch (find braches under the contact us tab) don't forget to bring along the letter and your child's birth certificate. If you are not a member yourself, you will also need to bring proof of ID
  • you can either set up a new account for your child and deposit the £20 voucher or add the voucher to your child's existing credit union account

What is London Mutual

London Mutual Credit Union is an ethical option, not for profit organisation that provides a great range of financial services to its members. They offer all types of accounts and a safe and convenient place to save and also provide loans at a very reasonable rate of interest. London Mutual Credit Union is driven by an ethos of service to their members, rather than maximising profits.

Find out more by visiting London Mutual website.

Help us create a generation of Southwark smart savers, and help them to learn to make sound financial decisions throughout their lives.

Find out more ways for the whole family to make smart savings.

Southwark Schools Smart Savers competition

Download our Smart Savers competition terms and conditions (pdf, 75kb).

Page last updated: 18 October 2018