Care leavers' stories

Amanda's story

21 year old Amanda is in her final year of studying for a Psychology degree at a London University. She has plans to take a master's after she graduates and eventually wants to work in the mental health sector.

Amanda came into care as a 14 year old and stayed in the same foster home till she left for university. She is still in touch with her foster carer and visits her regularly.

"My foster carer helped me to spread my wings and fly but at the same time she provided a structured home.

She was always there if I needed her and could offer advice if I asked, but I felt quite independent from quite a young age. I think a lot of children and young people in care do feel like that.

I’m so grateful I was taken into care when I was. I was in a very dangerous situation at home. It was the best thing that could have happened.

I get on very well to with my Southwark social worker who has been with me since the start.  I think social workers and foster carers do the most important job in the world, protecting children from very dangerous situations.

I'm where I am and who I am now because I went into care when I did."

Page last updated: 30 June 2022

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