Consultation with families

Parent feedback poster

In February 2019 the FEH Service, alongside key partners in health, children and family centres and colleagues in children’s services, delivered the first KEEPING FAMILIES STRONG consultation event with parents/carers, children and young people at Peckham Levels. It was an event to bring together parents/carers and young people who were already involved in delivering or designing services for families and share ideas. It was regarded as a very successful first evening with both parents and children, and young people openly presenting their views on:

  • what keeps families strong
  • what helped, and what got in the way
  • how can families, children and young people get involved and help each other

The Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) parenting programme has been delivered for over 15 years in Southwark by the Parenting Practitioners in the FEH Parenting Team. A celebration of parents’ completion of the programme is undertaken at the end of every programme - The Graduation. In April 2019, FEH funded a graphic artist to capture all of the feedback from the children, young people and parents about their views of the impact of the programme. This is what they had to say:

Child feedback poster

Promotional video for parenting groups

All parents at some point struggle with parenting their children and may need some practical support, a listening ear or advice on what to do when parenting becomes a challenge.

In August 2019, FEH commissioned the creation of a promotional video capturing parents'/carers’ journeys as they undertook the SFSC parenting programme. Through the voices and experiences of parents/carers, the video dispels myths about the perception of why parents attend parenting programmes and encourages all parents to sign up for this supportive and open environment.

See the video on Southwark's YouTube channel.

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