Statutory responsibilities

The Parenting Team provides support, and advice to Social Workers, Youth Offending Service Officers and Senior Education Welfare Officers. Social Workers can refer to the Parenting Team through the internal Mosaic FEH referral form requesting one-to-one parenting support for families involved in pre and post-care proceedings or where a family would benefit from specific areas of parenting work identified as part of a child protection plan.

They'll deliver specific one-to-one and group work effective practice interventions to parents/carers of children and young people to:

  • reinforce parental responsibility
  • enhance relationships within the family
  • reduce the impact of adverse childhood experiences
  • build parental capacity and resilience
  • promote engagement with education
  • prevent offending behaviour by young people

Parenting Practitioners conduct assessments for the provision of services for parenting interventions as they hold statutory responsibilities for Parenting Orders (Youth Crime and Education [irregular attendance/breach of school attendance order]) under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. These responsibilities will include clear statutory standards around engagement, with the provision of written reports to other agencies, and courts.

Page last updated: 08 April 2024


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