Children's services complaints

More about your complaint

If you're making a complaint relating to Children’s Services, it will either be administered under our children's social care complaints policy (pdf, 1.3mb) or corporate complaints policy (pdf, 78kb). We'll let you know which applies when we formally acknowledge your complaint.

Complaints relating to education, if they're the council’s responsibility, will be considered using the provisions of the corporate policy.

If you're making a complaint on behalf of someone else, we usually need to contact them for permission, even if the person affected is a child or young person. It will be useful, therefore, to ensure the affected party is aware of your intentions and that the complaint reflects their views.

Sometimes there are other organisations who will have to handle the complaint, for example the NHS and schools. If this is the case we'll let you know.

We usually cannot consider complaints if:

  • it relates to activities around schools which the council is not responsible for
  • there's an ongoing police investigation
  • there are ongoing or impending court proceedings
  • there's another process in place to settle your specific dispute - eg a Tribunal
  • reported events took place too long ago

You can find more examples and information in the respective policy.

If you make a complaint which we find is outside the acceptance criteria, we'll let you know straight away.

Page last updated: 07 October 2021

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