Support for young people leaving care

The adolescent and aftercare service supports young people leaving our care to help them achieve their potential in education, career and employment.

The The following link opens in a new windowChildren Act 1989 and The following link opens in a new windowThe Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 say that we must offer:

  • advice
  • assistance
  • support
  • befriending
  • a pathway plan
  • a personal adviser

If you're 16 to 18, you're entitled to receive:

  • continued support from a social worker
  • accommodation support
  • a needs assessment
  • a pathway plan

If you're 18 to 21 (24 if in higher education), you're entitled to:

  • remain in touch
  • review your pathway plan
  • have a personal advisor
  • assistance with employment, education or training
  • assistance in general

Advice, assistance, support and befriending


This might include receiving information about finding somewhere suitable to live, claiming social security benefits, how to gain advice on education, training or employment, where to go if you have a health problem or managing your money.


This could include helping you to move to new accommodation, claim social security benefits, fill in a job application, or providing you with money to buy essential items to set up your home.

Support and befriending

We may see you on a regular basis to make sure that any problems you have are dealt with and, where possible, sorted out. We may also see you to make sure that you have someone to see you or talk to you when you feel lonely or need help.

Pathway plan

This is a written plan of what you want to achieve over the next few years, what help you'll need and who and how other people will help you. It will be reviewed every six months to make sure it's still what you want and need.

Personal adviser

This will be someone different to your social worker. Personal advisers will work with you as you become close to moving into your own accommodation. They can help to make sure your pathway plan is working or help you find training or education. They can assist with housing matters and benefits applications.

Page last updated: 18 September 2017